Top Five Signs of a perfect match to marry

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Top Five Signs of a perfect match to marry

You have a great relationship, and you`re good together. Friends, acquaintances, and especially older relatives regularly ask you a question — when is the wedding? Of course, this phrase annoys you. But if you think about it, maybe you should get married?


5 signs of a perfect match to marry

How to understand that your relationship is peaked and you are ready to move to the next level? Is it the real love? It's not so difficult to understand this, especially if you agree with five signs below!

#1: You become friends


You aren`t just a couple; you are the real friends. You can always share problems and difficulties, tell each other about happiness and sadness, mourn together, or, conversely, fun with each other. Moreover, you can have lots of friends, but your beloved will replace each of them all. Often happen that we are in a bad mood after a busy day. Amazingly, but your dear person can change this situation. It`s just enough to smile each other, and everything will be OK.


#2: You often say "we" than "I."


To think regarding "we" a couple usually begins when instead of the short term relationship opens long-term. Both you and your boyfriend are perceived as a couple, not as two independent personalities. Increasingly, friends invite you as a couple to different events and meetings. You can't relax separate from each other. Are you agreeing it is more pleasure to spend the weekend with your lover anywhere, then go alone to the night club.

In addition to this, you start to build joint plans for the future, buy the everyday things and even maybe take a joint credit for something expensive and important for you. In other words, you had begun to live like a real family.

#3: You won`t have to make an impression on each other


It doesn't mean that love has faded and you don't care what your partner thinks about you or how he sees you every day. But you can`t avoid the fact that we try to impress the person we like, only at the early stage of the relationship. The longer and deeper your relationship, the more often the partner sees you without embellishment. You don`t shy already to be tired, sick, upset, and be in a bad mood. Furthermore, you aren`t confused to go just in pajama without makeup before your partner.

It is natural because the relationship can't be like a celebration 24 hours a day. If you are willing to accept your partner every day and not so perfect as he seemed at first, so your feelings are already are on another level.


#4: You have no secrets from each other


Yes, you can keep silent about some minor facts of your biography, which took place at the beginning of your relationship. Usually, this is done in order not to hurt your lover, especially if he or she is a jealous partner. Moreover, you don't need to tell in details about all the petty squabbles at work or recount conversations with friends.

But everything except this information has to be known by your partner.

For example, do you have an allergy, what you were called in childhood, what size of foot you have and who called in your phonebook as "Idiot."

#5: you often communicate with partner`s family


Meeting with the relatives of your beloved is a two-sided process. On the one hand, having become acquainted with the closest people, you will better understand your partner and will "build bridges" with potential relatives. On the contrary, the desire of the partner to introduce you to his family and spending time together says that he is ready to let you in the "circle of trust" and to reveal the most precious thing he has with you.

If you begin to take relatives of your partner as your family, therefore you can confidently think about the wedding.

In conclusion

If the word "forever" doesn`t scare you and you perceive your partner as final, and not the temporary variant, in this case, you are ready for marriage. Moreover, you are willing to make a real family, create the comfort in your home and be faithful to your future husband.

Wait for your lover, and when you met such person don't think about anything. Only marry, love each other and be happy!

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