Arthritis and diseases of the digestive system are more common after depression, while anxiety disorders tend to be followed by skin diseases, a new study has warned.

Mental disorders and physical diseases frequently go hand in hand. For the first time, psychologists at the University of Basel in Switzerland and Ruhr University Bochum in Germany have identified temporal patterns in young people.... Read More

Written by L. John Mason, Ph.D., Author of the Bestseller; Guide to Stress Reduction.

Hypertension is not just a disease of aging. Young men and women can suffer from its damaging, sometimes killing, emotional pain, effects. Please do not take this condition lightly, find relief as early as you can. Get it treated as soon as possible before it creates lasting damage and adversely effects your life as you do age.

High blood pressure can be a very dangerous, and often untreated... Read More


There are many, many positive techniques and skills related to anger management. Since anger management seems to affect so many people in society, it is imperative to design and create techniques, teach skills, provide counseling and provide appropriate care and support. Since anger issues affect individuals from childhood to adulthood, obviously it is necessary to teach anger management skills that work for every age group. For the person who is dealing daily with anger problems, it is important to learn skills that will be effective in coping.... Read More

So far, almost all that has been written—and there has been a great deal of unavoidable repetition—has been devoted to an attempt to determine the causes which lead the child to refuse food and the methods which we adopt to prevent or overcome the difficulty. Other neuroses may be studied in less detail, because they depend for their existence upon the same causes. For example, the habit of refusing sleep, which is as common and almost as distressing as the habit of refusing food, depends both upon a perversion of suggestion and upon the phenomenon that... Read More