The Child...the Seed

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The Child...the Seed

A child is like a seed. The planting stage is the most delicate and important. The feeding and wetting stage is the building stage and the determining factor of how the seed would survive as it grows. It grows based on all it is fed with and the environment it is planted in. The early age is when the roots are still weak and shallow but everything you put in sinks in fast and sticks.

As years go by, the stem thickens and the roots spread deeper and wider. They gain strength, learning how to withstand every weather and develop based on the foundation, the nutrients, the sun, rain, the heat,  manure and all received.

As the barks thicken and leaves grow, it's hard for anything to penetrate easily if it's healthy. Either it's a nail or a cutlass, it only scratches the surface and it heals making the bark become even thicker. But if the structure is weak based on the foundation, the tree will be eaten up by pests before it fully grows to show its beauty.

The content within doesn't change.  It only becomes stronger and richer as years pass. It gains more experience and it is exposed to a lot which makes the tree wiser. It  has branches, leaves and bears fruits. At this stage, the kind of fruit it bears can't be changed because the fruit is tied to the seed planted.The survival of the tree is based on its foundation and the help of God. Even when you burn a tree down or cut it down, it will always grow again unless you go to the source and uproot it. That is because the seed is life. The seed is the soul.The seed is a spirit. It never dies. It can only be starved from being visible, from growing.

Jesus made reference to that fruitless tree as a parable to let us know that the life of man is just like a tree. Even when a tree is big, no matter how old, whatever amendment or solution is needed can only be traced to a root. Sometimes, the root might be intact but strange unwanted plants or weeds grow around its roots and these need to be cleared away.

The interesting thing is, there are different types of seeds, created and meant for different purposes, shaped differently. You need to know or find out enough information about that seed you carry from the seed maker. That sheds more light on details you might need to focus on more, as the planting and nurturing process goes on.

You can't modify the fruit a tree produces unless you go to its source. That's why to help a child or solve a problem, don't focus on just the fruit or branches but on the root. Once the root, the source is healed, everything else will change.

To have a beautiful and healthy tree, give the seed a good foundation and all the support needed. Plant, water, play your part, pour in the right content and place it in God's hands and trust Him to do the rest. He will keep your seed and you will watch it grow into a mighty tree. Have a blessed, beautiful and fruitful month.

Rhoda (not verified)
I am a product of great

<p>I am a product of great farmers. My parent did a wonderful job of growing me and I can see from piece that it a wonderful to be grown by people who know God and follow His precepts</p>

Thanks Rhoda

Yes. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit. Likewise a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Let's thank God and celebrate those who are fortunate to be grown by wonderful farmers. And to those who are not that fortunate, let's pray they will learn and develop capacities to give birth to great fruits.Thanks for your great contribution, Rhoda.

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