Horror as two-year-old girl falls from hotel window and is rushed to hospital with fractured skull and chest injuries

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    Lifewalk Admin 9 months ago

    This is horrible. Though it did not happen in Nigeria, but the lessons therein is universal. There is nothing as being too careful in parenting, especially with toddlers. A two year old girl has just been rushed to hospital in New Jersey after falling from a hotel window. 

    The incident happened at the Rooms Inn Hotel, Blackpool at around 9am today. Witnesses say 'the girl fell from 'second or third floor window'.

    A source at the scene said she suffered a 'fractured skull and chest injuries'. 

    One really need to be eagle-eyed around toddlers. Chip in your comment, and if you have experienced near-misses like this with toddlers in the past, please share in the comment section.

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