Millionaire Business Man Commits Suicide

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    Lifewalk Admin 9 months ago

    A businessman who created the popular ghd hair straighteners committed suicide after suffering acute anxiety and had feared he would go bankrupt, an inquest heard.

    Father-of-two Martin Penny, 63, who was worth £80m after his ghd products took the world by storm, hanged himself in the master bedroom of his £2.7million home in Ilkley, West Yorkshire after he started seeing glimpse he was going bankrupt.

    His family told the hearing of their concerns about how he has money worries and has suffered from insomnia and anxiety. His conditon reportedly deteriorated after he started on a number of prescribed drugs.

    According to his sister, Martin Penny 'had anxiety all his life. He had never talked about suicide ever until he took those drugs. I have never seen him in that state ever.'

    This is a very sad incident we don't want continued in Nigeria or anywhere else. What exactly can we say went wrong here? 


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    Garth Reynolds 4 weeks ago

    A person who is a billionaire can also commit suicide due to several reasons that make him unhappy. From now onwards, you will have the opportunity to know a description through findmyprofession to get more updates.

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