Man Commits Suicide After Changing Facebook DP to Sniper Bottle

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    Lifewalk Admin 9 months ago

    A man identified as Erestus Okpe from Lejja, Enugu has committed suicide hours after he changed his facebook profile picture to that of a bottle of poison (Sniper like) on tuesday. Majority of his online friends assumed he was clowning as they must have known him overtime to be a jovial person and didn't think much of it.

    They were instead writing stuff like 'Wait, let me check if I can afford your casket sir!, Rest in peace bro..till we meet to part no more'. These comments were made some hours after he changed his dp.

    Someone mentioned he attempted to kill himself in November 2018, but it was botched as people were around and he was rushed to the hospital. It is most likely he was battling with prolonged bouts of depression. This sad incident also reminds one of Akachi who also intimated his facebook circle of his suicide intent. 

    What do you think of his friends' comments? Do you think if his friends had acted differently, like show empathy and reach out to him, he would have had a change of mind? 


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    Faith Aguilar 2 months ago

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