Jealous Lover

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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    A jealous husband, Roman Mikhailov, has killed himself and his two children in an unmitigated jealous rage moments after his wife, Irina, filed for divorce in Russia. He reportedly jumped off the ninth floor of a building clutching his two children along after sending their picture on the balcony to his wife who was at the lawyer's office filing for divorce at the time. 

    The woman, a psychologist, rushed down home in a taxi to salvage the situation but it was too late. 

    Jealousy left unmitigated, unchecked, unleashed is super deadly! Only a little bit is healthy, once it tilts to the other side - we can liken it to salt. Once it exceeds the required amount, the food becomes inedible. 

    How do you manage your jealousy? Let's learn from you.


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