Couple Filmed Having Sex While Driving Along Spanish Motorway

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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    People do crazy things 'inside life' like we say in Nigeria! Extremely crazy stunts o. A couple was recently filmed having sexual intercourse while the male partner was driving on AP-6 Motorway in Villcastin, Spain!

    No, they did not park and made up in a stationary car, they were actually having sex while the car was moving!

    The woman who appears to be naked from the waist up, was filmed sitting on the lap of her partner as he tried to negotiate the road and overtook other shocked motorists in the slow lane.

    They were eventually arrested and both had pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless driving and had been rightly handed a six-month suspended prison sentence. They have also been banned from driving for two years.

    That should fix them up nicely. 


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