Coldroom Sex For Grades Saga

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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    Why would a grown adult sacrifice his career and reputation on the altar of illicit sex? What exactly is in sex that makes some people lose their thinking faculty and throw decency to the dogs? Lecturers are supposed to lecture and mentor, when did degrees become sexually transmitted?

    Even though no one can claim the recent UNILAG randy lecturers expose by BBC undercover journalist is a new thing. It's being around for a while, yet it doesn't take away the fact that it is an utterly shameful and condemnable act! That it is common place and even goes beyond our universities gates into the business world, politics, religious organisations etc will not make it any less evil.

    We as a people have a penchant to justify blatant evil because 'everybody is doing it'. For one, everybody is not doing it. Even if they are, it wouldn't make evil less evil!

    Something needs to be done, and fast! What do you think can be done? How can we stop this evil? How can we protect our students, both male and female?

    Let's hear from you.

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