Teen Rapists arrested in Niger State

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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    20-year-old Shafiu Isah, 19-year-old Jawalu Babuga and 18-year-old Musa Sabiu! They have been going from one villahe to the other looking for whom to rape! They even confessed to have been at this despicable act long before they were arrested and that they are surprised to have been arrested as none of their victims have gotten enough courage to report to the police! OMG. 

    Their last victim reported the case to her dad. That was the turning point that led to the arrest of these little vermins.

    This goes to show that the most effective way to seeing the end of rape in our society to destroy the culture of silence! That is the only way out. Victims must break free and expose this evil to protect other peiple from falling victims. We need more Kiki Mordi and Busola Dakolo in our society. Brave people who can look the evil in the eye and destroy it.

    Do you agree with me? How else do you think rape can be eradicated?



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