Rape In Religious Garb!

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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    A total of 300 young men have been freed from another Islamic boarding school in Daura, Northern Katsina, Nigeria. They were chained up and sexually abused just like the 500 men that were rescued in Kaduna in September. 

    The Nigerian Police descended on the school after some of the men managed to escape on Sunday pouring into the streets to protest the inhumane treatment that were getting.

    The men were reportedly shackled and tortured at the said Islamic school where they had been enrolled by their families to learn the Koran. Many had also been sent there to be treated for drug addiction.

    It is particularly noteworthy that this news comes after nearly 500 men and young boys were freed from another of such schools just last month.

    We can safely say those students from Katsina school that escaped and protested the sodomy they were being subjected to got their courage from the success of the Kaduna police raid.

    That is why we, at Lifewalk, keep advocating a sustained war against these crimes and keeping the conversation going around emotional and mental wellness.

    That is when we will truly stand a chance of winning and achieving a saner world.

    Kudos to our indefatigable Nigerian Police and those courageous Katsina boys. We implore our police to keep the fire burning and smoke out all the evil religious houses like these two islamic schools.



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