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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    A former NYPD cop, Raul Olmeda has been acquitted on felony, child rape and sex abuse charges despite filming the interactions with the 15-year-old victim himself. He reportedly filmed his sexual encounters with the girl at least 5 times.

    He was confronted with the videos by investigators and the teenager also admitted to the acts. But he was curiously acquitted after all the overwhelming evidence against him.

    He'll be cruising home with a mere slap on the wrist instead of cooling off his heels in jail for many years for this crime.

    Unbelievable! You see reasons why we all should protect our girlchild? Every girlchild must be trained in basic self defense techniques. Imagine she'd given this lout a good kick in the groin and run off. We all would have been spared this arrant nonsensical show of shame.

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