World Breast Cancer Awareness Day!

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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    Yesterday was breast cancer awareness and we join the whole world to wage war against it. Everyday should be Breast Cancer Awareness Day really and so we lend our voice to the drive of ridding our world of this depression-inducing disease. 

    Like we all know, early detection is the most veritable tool in battling breast cancer. So we eadmonish our women to regularly carry out the breast self-examination detailed below:

    1. Lie down and put your arm under your head. Use your right hand to examine your left breast. With your 3 middle fingers flat, move gently in small circular motions over the entire breast, checking for any lump, hard knot or thickening.

    Use different levels of pressure - light, medium and firm - over each area of your breast. Check the whole breast area, form your collar bone above your breast, down to the ribs below your breast. Switch arms and repeat on the other breast.

    2. Look at your breasts while standing in the front of a mirror with your hands on your hips. Look for lumps, new differences in size and shape, and swelling or dimpling of the skin.

    3. Raise one arm, then the other, so you can check under your arms for lumps.

    4. Squeeze the nipples of each breast gently between your thumb and index finger. Report to your healthcare provider immediately if you see any discharge or fluid from the nipples or any lumps or changes in your breasts.

    Dear men, please encourage your wife or girlfriend to do this self-examination regularly.


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