Karis Braithwaite Jumped To Her Death An Hour After Going Through A 'Flawed' Mental Health Assessment

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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    A 24 year old woman has jumped to her death 58 minutes after she was released from a Mental Health Unit. She was checked in to Goodmayes Hospital in North East, London after she tried to take own life the previous day. 

    She had tried to end her own life by jumping onto the tracks at Dagenham the day before she died but the approaching train managed to come to a halt and three members of the public helped pull her off the tracks.

    Karis had reportedly suffered from depression since she was 13-year-old and had a long history of suicide attempts.

    An investigation into her care by staff at the hospital found that the decision to discharge her after a 27-minute assessment was 'flawed'. She reportedly told the hospital staff that she was no longer suicidal but wished that her previous attempts had neen successful. That was a red flag!

    They were also told Karis had an 'active plan of suicide plan' but they were not 'receptive' to receiving an handover from the paramedics which stressed their concerns about her.

    Instead, she was sent home all by herself; no one accompanied her from the hospital giving her frail mental and emotional state.

    Karis took a bus straight from the hospital to the point of where she jumped to her death.

    Her family are in deep grief especially with the knowledge that her death could have been averted if the hospital had been more diligent.


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