Due to Depression from being called 'Son of a Crip': Son of a Disable Artist Commits Suicide

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    Miss Laper was born without arms and with shortened legs, but the 54-year old went on to be one of the most famous pregnant women in Britain when artist Marc Quinn made a sculpture of her that stood in Trafalgar Square, London. Little did she know that her baby, Parys, would suffer the stigma of her physical condition all his life to the point when it became unbearable that he fell into severe depression and anxiety.

    Parys couldn't stand his classmates from hell who had fun calling his mother 'Crip'. His depression became uncontrollable that he turned to drugs for succour, but that obviously didn't help him as he eventually committed suicide. 

    According to his mother, he daily struggled with bullies coupled with social media pressure that he desperately sought release from drugs which he eventually overdosed on to his death. She tried to help him, but he was out of control.

    As a society, we do our bit to help the physically challenged folks amongst us, but do we understand the trauma their family goes through as a result of being associated to them? Look at Parys for example. His mother was a cripple and so what? That he had to go through that most horrible experience because of his mother's condition (that was nobody's fault) is sad for want of a graver word! 


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