After Suffering From Cyber bullying And Depression: K-Pop Sulli Found Dead In Suspected Suicide

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    Lifewalk Admin 7 months ago

    Sulli, whose real name is Choi Jin-ri, was found dead by her manager at her home in Seongnam, Seoul at around 3:20pm local time. 

    The Korean Police said they are working on the assumption that she may have taken her own life.

    The 25-year-old was reportedly a victim of cyberbullying and had suffered from severe depression

    She was quite popular on Instagram with over five million followers and was first involved in scandal in 2016 after she showed her nipples, through her top. It became known as the 'no bra' scandal in traditionally conservative South Korea.

    We can imagine the outrage that would have sparked in South Korea. You only need to watch their movies to see how very conservative they are.

    The 'no bra' scandal resurfaced last month when her breasts accidentally slipped into the open during a live Instagram stream. 

    They got on her case again! And cyberbullying could be really nasty. In fact, it is as nasty as physical bullying if not more. People really need to learn to be more kind in their online engagement and show more restraint.

    Kindness, be it virtual or real time, will always be magical. The world can do with more kindness. That scathing comment, if we choose to erase them and simply move on, we won't die.

    The last time I checked, there's no medal for the nastiest comment. Live and let live.


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