Addicted Heroine User Mother kills Newborn Baby!

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    Lifewalk Admin 9 months ago

    A heroine addict mother allegedly killed her baby after injecting it with a drug to prevent withdrawal symptoms! Wait, did i just read 'newborn baby'? Dear God... 

    Wait for it. She allegedly injected the baby with the drug to stop the child from going through withdrawal symptoms! Chai. That must be one chronic addict. She must have been regularly pumping heroine into her system while pregnant.

    After giving birth, she deigned to continue the child heroine dose; as she must have thought in her drug induced haze that the child is also addicted and if she doesn't keep up with her own little dose, the baby will suffer withdrawal symptoms. So she decided to inject the poor baby to death! The baby didn't even live long enough to be named. Poor child.

    The woman, who is understood to have been residing in a camper trailer in La Madera, New Mexico, then allegedly put her baby's lifeless body into a bin bag. 

    The father alerted the authorities and she has since been arrested.

    This is serious. You see why we should loud it. Say No To Drugs! If you have addiction of any kind, please seek help.

    Kindly drop your comments. Let's hear your views!

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