My husband is angry all the time


If you have been married for several years and your husband or partner suddenly develop temper management problem, what should you do? If your husband or partner has been abusive from the beginning of the relationship, you need to seek professional help.
Let’s start by listing the causes of this sudden anger;

1.    Stress which could be in many forms; work, change of job, extended family, immediate family…If you sense your husband or partner is going through stress, try to speak to in a subtle way. Explain to him that you have noticed the change in his behaviour in a soft manner and you will like to help him to open up. He may not be able to open up immediately because he might be embarrassed.

2.    Physical bond is no longer there, you are not intimate any more. Build this up gradually and seek professional help.

  • Physical closeness can help in any difficult situation particularly in stress management
  • Communication is very important in very relationship. It will help in knowing what the problem is and get the situation resolved.   
  • Re-establish the truth you have so that he can open up when facing challenges
  • Do not nag
  • Do not be defensive.