Social Psychology

Social Psychology is the study of how individuals are influenced by other individuals. This discipline focuses on the way people relate to at least one another and the way the presence of other folks can have an effect on individual behavior within teams. In short, the social psychologist is concerned with how individuals influence other individual’s behavior, thoughts, and feelings.
Social psychologists may be employed in various settings to counsel individuals who are impacted by social issues. These counselors may be found in faculties, correctional settings, social service agencies and alternative governmental programs. Counselors usually work with organizations to identify how cluster dynamics are affecting behaviors among individuals within that institution. They additionally counsel individuals and teams to help them work through any mental anguish or behavioral disturbances which will have occurred.
Professionals in these settings also target developing community awareness programs notably in the school and social service settings. These preventative programs typically address issues like bullying, domestic violence, sexual harassment, substance abuse, and other social misdemeanors. Services are often provided by the Social Psychologist in a personal or cluster format. This is extremely helpful in altering individual and cluster behavior within varied settings.