About Us

Who we are:

Ever wondered why the growth in Psychiatry increased at 14-20% annually since 2009? Sooner or later, this growth will increase as there are no established indications that this growth spurt will be followed by a period of stagnation.

Life walk is an internet provider of emotional and psychological solutions. Since the world now revolves around the web, life walk is able to extend its services to reach every corner of the earth. Life walk was created to promote a healthy social connection and community engagement which will have a tremendous impact on a large number of people experiencing emotional pains. 

We firmly encourage social interaction amongst children and adult individuals from diverse backgrounds because of its many health benefits. According to the University of Rochester, social interaction reduces the risk of mental and emotional health issues such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and eating disorders to mention but a few. Conversely, the lack of social interaction leaves adults feeling lonely and depressed, being less physically active, having a high blood pressure and ultimately having a greater risk of death. With this in mind, we decided to create tools to help people reach comfort through social interactivity and to overcome emotional pain through talk therapy: life coaching, counselling, pastoral counselling, wellness and fitness, etc.

What is it that made us stand out of the competition? At life walk, we help relief people of their emotional pain by providing access to Emotional Wound Assessment Tools, (EWAT) and Emotional Wound First Aids Tools, EWFAT. Also, we create opportunities for people to meet experts who are renowned specialists in various fields of psychotherapy and are willing to give basic tips and advice or refer individuals for therapy and professional counselling where necessary.

Come and join us at life walk so as to jointly create a virtual community renowned for abolishing emotional and mental problems … you ever ever walk alone.