About Us

About Us

When physically ill, you see a doctor; when hungry, you reach for food. When thirsty, you drink water or your favourite drink to refresh your parched throats, but what do you do when you are emotionally drained; when life hits you hard across the face and you become numbed out of your skin? What do you reach out for? Some resort to doing a lot of harmful things in the bid to rid themselves of their emotional and mental 'demon'. They do everything but seek help a la water-to-thirst way. Some simply elect to allow the emotional or psychological issue to run out its natural course which often worsens the situation. But the good news is; Lifewalk is here to facilitate easy access to emotional and psychological solutions! You are no longer alone. Help that is not judgmental and that you can absolutely trust is here! This platform is designed to help you identify your emotional and mental issues, navigate through them, interact with other people then get professional help if so desired.

The Situation

The treatment gap – the proportion of people with mental illness who don’t get treatment - is generally believed to be 90% in Nigeria and a lot of the other African countries are not doing very well in this regard. There is the issue of stigma against those with emotional or mental issues and the mistaken belief that it cannot be treated. Generally, emotional and mental health is currently not enjoying enough airplay considering how important it is in the scheme of things. People would jolly well treat physical ailments quicker than they would do emotional and mental health illness. The ratio can be said to be Cheetah : Snail pace at best.

What We Do

We roll out articles and blogs focused on mental and emotional health bi-weekly. We feature delightful games centred around emotional and mental wellness. Also, we have an EWAT compliant emotional health assessment tool designed to show the level of emotional wellness of individuals.

How We Come In

Lifewalk is a platform designed to cater to this largely neglected arm of human total health and wellness. We shed light on emotional and mental health issues and x- ray them as they show up in our day to day life as a nation. In short, we bridge the treatment gap.

An Actual LIfeBay

We have an array of highly competent and professional health and wellness experts, Fitness experts, psychotherapists, Counsellors and Life Coaches all available for a one to one consultation if you need expert care. They are all available at just a click away.


We firmly encourage social interaction amongst children, adults and individuals from diverse backgrounds because of its many health benefits. It is what this platform is all about. We believe social interaction is crucial to emotional and mental healing and wellbeing; research work carried out in this regard corroborated it. Whether you want to be anonymous or not, you are absolutely free to join the various discussions on trending mental and emotional issues that we will sure be raising on as it happens basis. Lifewalk Forum is a great avenue to let down your emotional hair, have fun, learn, share and care.


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