Traveling · February 24, 2023

Interesting Traveling Destinations in South Korea

Interesting Traveling Destinations in South Korea

Interesting Traveling Destinations in South Korea – South Korea has recently become a favorite tourist attraction for many people, one of which is Indonesian citizens. This could be due to the rise of dramas from the country of Ginseng which can be enjoyed easily, especially since the setting in the drama is quite interesting.

In South Korea there are several interesting tourist objects that you can visit while traveling there. These places are recommended not only because they offer beautiful views, but also give the impression of being set in a Korean drama.



For those of you who want to enjoy the feel of a metropolis, you can visit Geonbae. This traveling tourist destination in South Korea is a street with drink bars on either side. Its appearance looks striking and gives a thick urban feel. You can come to Geonbae at any time, because this road is always busy with local people and foreign tourists.



The next recommended place is Daehakro, a road that stretches for 1.6 kilometers. Daehakro is similar to Broadway in the United States, in Daehakro you can find various art buildings that are still functioning today. You can find various South Korean art performances there.


Starfield Library

Want to experience a different traveling destination? You can visit the Starfield Library or a large library in Seoul. There you can find various documents, books, and memoirs originating from various places across South Korea. Even the bookshelves reach a height of 13 meters, making it the most complete library with books in Seoul.

There are still many interesting tourist attractions that you can visit in South Korea. If you stop there, you can visit various interesting places in the capital city. Don’t hesitate to taste the various culinary delights available there.

Those are some interesting traveling tourist destinations that you can find in South Korea. With this information, hopefully you can find your favorite tour according to your preferences.