Traveling · February 24, 2023

5 Hangout Places in Bali with Instagramable Natural Panoramas

5 Hangout Places in Bali with Instagramable Natural Panoramas

As a paradise for Indonesian tourism, the charm of Bali Island is never boring to visit. Almost every corner of this island has a tourist attraction surrounded by amazing natural panoramas. Apart from tourist attractions, there are many places to hang out in Bali which are always crowded with young people to spend time chatting. More special, the location is at the foot of the cool and beautiful mountains.

Here are recommendations for places to hang out in Bali with amazing natural panoramas to gather with friends or loved ones. The atmosphere is so romantic, perfect for a visit on vacation.


1. Tegu Coffee, Kintamani

This cafe has been open since last December 2019, located on Jalan Raya Penelokan, Kintamani District, Bangli Regency. The location is located above the hills with natural panoramas of Mount Batur , Mount Abang, Mount Agung and Lake Batur. The air temperature in this place is quite cold, reaching 17-18 degrees Celsius. In the late afternoon, visitors who come can watch the sunset over the mountains of Bali.


2. Eco Bike Coffee, Kintamani

Eco Bike Coffee has three floors, and is said to be the largest in the Kintamani cliff area. On the first floor there is an inn area and a coffee garden, while the third floor is an outdoor rooftop. Visiting this place should see the weather forecast first, because when the weather is foggy, all you see is white here and there. The natural panorama of Mount Batur will not be visible.


3. Akasa Coffee, Kintamani

Still in the Kintamani area, Akasa Coffee is highly recommended because the place is comfortable. From this place you can see a panoramic view of Mount Batur, the air temperature is also very cool. Those of you who can’t stand the cold should bring a jacket. Provides menus such as breakfast, beer, and various coffee/tea. The average menu is set at a price range of IDR 150,000. It is best to visit when the weather is clear.


4. Batur 1926, Kintamani

If you come to Batur 1926 around 05.30, visitors can see a view of the sunrise that soothes the soul. When the weather is clear, from this place you can see views of three mountains, namely Mount Batur, Mount Abang and Mount Agung . The architecture is also very unique and instagramable, suitable as a background to beautify your feed. There is a typical Balinese gate on the rooftop terrace.


5. Kava Coffee, Kintamani

Kava Coffee in Kintamani is located by the side of the legendary Lake Batur. Not only that, you can also see panoramic views of Mount Batur, Mount Abang and Mount Agung. Once inside, visitors will be presented with a charming interior design, in harmony with Mount Batur. There are chairs and long tables in the semi-outdoor room. The cafe door is made of glass, so that the panorama outside can be seen clearly from the inside.