What You Dont Know Won't Hurt You

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What You Dont Know Won't Hurt You

I was in my last grade in high school when I met this beautiful girl by the name of Onome.By then she was in grade 12 at a different school and I was also at

a different school. In no time I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. Our relationship was all nice and sweet and people used to admire us. Most

of the time you would find that her friends are all over me wanting to say hi or just talk to me. I don't mean to boast but my parents really gave me good

genes in other words am a good looking guy well according to what most ladies have told me. So yeah what used to happen was if I'm some where with my friends

and I meet up with her friends they will be all over me wanting to talk to me and others even wanting a hug. You can never understand some girls they can

literally steal you away from your girlfriend but I used to avoid that because I really loved my girl.

A year later I was accepted at a university meaning I had to leave town. My girl was also accepted at another university. Before going she told me to promise

her that I won't cheat on her or look at any girl in a sexual way and that I have to wait for her she went on to add that if I feel attracted to any girl I

should just remember the sweet moments have shared with her and forget about her. I said yes and promised her that I will be waiting for her only. And off I

went. First semester at university was rather both interesting and sad. I must say they are very beautiful ladies in my school. I can't lie I used to admire

some of them but not to the extent of wanting anything with them because of my girl. Yes the guys would laugh at me saying I should not be waiting for a girl

whose far away while nice looking girls are moving around everywhere but I would just brush those thoughts out.

One Saturday we had a game we were going to play with another another school. I told my girlfriend about it because of course I had to update her with

anything that I will be doing everyday. And she told me to take care. We went to the neighbouring university and played soccer but we lost 1:0. As we were

preparing ourselves to go back to my school this lady shows up out of no where and asks if she has seen me before from somewhere I said no I don't remember

ever meeting her in my life. She asks me if I'm from a certain place and I gladly say yes and she says that's where have seen you from. I told her to remind

me where exactly we met and she said she had to rush back to the hostels and told me I get her number instead so she tells me where exactly we met. I have

her my number and off she went. In the evening after I had my supper I sat on my bed and sent her a WhatsApp asking her to tell me where we met. She replied

I thought about it and said why not it's just friends after all I won't loose a thing.

Two months later our communication keep getting better. I would tell her about my girlfriend and how much I loved her and she would tell me about her

boyfriend. One Saturday night I went out to watch soccer at one of the pubs and she called me asking where I was exactly. I told her where I was and she said

she was coming. I was shocked as to why she wanted to see me. In no time she bipped me so I went outside and she was not looking okay I asked her what's

wrong and she said her boyfriend had cheated on her and the girl he cheated on her with was pregnant. I felt bad and just hugged her. She cried on my

shoulder and after some minutes I told her to go to her room and just rest and not move out at night. In trying to be a gentleman I called a cab decided to

take her to her room. We reached her room and we found it was locked then she said her roommate must have gone home so she got her spare keys and opened the

door. I sat with her for about 15 minutes and told her I will be going back now to meet up with my friends and told her not to worry everything will be OK. I

hugged her and she held me tight and started whispering that "thank you for been there for me" as she was doing that she started fondling with me and as a

normal human being am sensitive to that. As I was about to let go she put her lips on my back and that was it for me next thing I'm kissing her next thing we

having sex. I was so carried away by that moment such that my mind only came back to normal after we were done and that's when I realized what I had done. I

looked at her and said sorry and she was like its fine am sorry too let's just keep this between us. I told her I was leaving and she was like you can't go

this is past midnight and the gate is closed. I told her I don't want to sleep there because it might look like have taken advantage of her but she insisted

so I just slept there and we had sex again.

Next morning I woke up and went to school. My precious girlfriend called me and I was just not in the mood of talking to her I was feeling guilty. That day I

spent it just thinking about the other girl. She was on my mind the whole day. I decided to tell her what was going on and she said she was thinking the same

so we met again and just kissed. It was more like my attention had gone to her and not my girlfriend. A month later we were more like dating with the other

girl and by this time my girlfriend had noticed that noticed I had stoped paying attention to her. She told me she wanted to talk to me so she was going to

come to my school and I said yes because I wanted to tell her that we are done and we can't continue with a long distance a relationship because I had found someone else. Over the weekend she came and we started talking. She complained of how I had been avoiding her and not replying not replying to her texts and I told her her I can't continue with her because I can't with a long distance relationship. That was when she asked who is this new girl in my life? I told her she can't know her she went on to describe the same exact person I was talking even worse he showed photo. And told me that's exactly why she came cause she wants to come clean and warn me about the same girl. She told me she made a plan with the same girl well her name is Precious to test me if I can cheat on my girlfriend but after a few weeks she stopped updating her about her moves with me then she heard that the same Precious was seeing me so she decided to come warn me about her. I'm sorry but I slapped my girlfriend and left.

After slapping Onome I stood up from the chair and went out while she followed me I told her in front of the people who were outside that I don't want to

do anything with her again and I left got on a cab and went to a night club. That night I got drunk like a fish till one of friend there took me to the hostel. I woke up with a serious hangover and the thought that I had been played. My emotions were all over and I just couldn't understand why Onome would do

that to me. I loved my girlfriend so much and its just that I was tempted that's what made me go for Precious otherwise my normal self could have not done


Two months later I finished my course I was back home. For the sake of trying to move on and forgetting about what I was put through I decided to change my

number. I was slowly getting my life back to normal and started job hunting. I received a call from my friend saying Precious came to see him and

she urgently wanted to talk to me and so she asked for my number. I told him I didn't want anything to do with her but he told me that he had given her my

number. I was not for the idea so I cut his call. A week later I was called for a job interview and I got the job. At my first day at work I got a call I

picked up and it was Precious begging me not to cut her call but I went on to cut the call. She tried to call again and I cut and blocked her. Next thing I

receive a text from her using a different number that she is 2 months pregnant for me. How do I even believe that when its was just a first they pulled on me.

I replied telling her that she should go and play games with the other men who didn't know her moves cause it won't work with me. She replied saying she just wanted me to help her with abortion money because she doesn't want her family to know about it otherwise she will stop school. I was not worried about that the fact that she said she wants abortion money just made me realize she wanted money from me so I stopped replying and blocked the number.

Three months later I got a call from this woman telling me about Precious pregnancy and that I should go to their place and threaten that they would sue me if I refuse. I told the woman the pregnancy is not mine and went on to explain why I was refusing the pregnancy. She told me she understands but asked me if I had ever slept with Precious and I said yes then she said if you have slept with her then you shouldn't be refusing chances are the baby might be yours. I told the woman if its true she is pregnant then we have to wait till she gives birth and see if the baby will look like me. Months went on Precious would text on different numbers telling me about the baby stuff that she needs and I would ignore all the messages.

In November the woman called me that Precious had given birth to a baby girl and I should come and see the baby. I told my aunt about it and she said we can

go there after a month because by then the baby will have a normal face so we can easily tell. After a month we went there and upon seen the baby I saw my

late mum. The baby looked so much like my mother from her nose to her lips. Precious was just there looking at me as I looked at my daughter. I knelt down

and just asked God for forgiveness . I told Precious I will take up the responsibilities of a dad and even told her the name of the baby. After 3 weeks we

went for talks and I was asked about marriage and I told them I can't marry Precious I will only be helping with my baby.

As at now my daughter is 3 years old and still looks like my mother. Precious and I still talk but only about our daughter. I have still not get over what

she did with Onome. As for Onome she still texts and calls just to say hi but I can't do anything about it. Sometimes she jokes about us getting

married and how she wishes i had a daughter with her but over that stage. I'm currently in a serious relationship with this other beautiful lady who has

accepted my child whole heatedly and I'm planning on marrying her next year.

Please note my story is a very real life situation and not a Nigerian movie. This happened to me and I can't sit and type a Nigerian movie when I know most

of you watch them. This really happened to me but out of all this mess I got a treasured gift, my daughter. Ladies some of these games can turn out to be the

worst for you please learn to trust your men and know that its not all men that are players or cheaters if you go out your way trying to prove something you

will end up been hurt. What you don't know won't hurt you.

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