Should I forgive him?

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Should I forgive him?

Joe was my boyfriend for about three years now but I am pregnant and only news he has for was abortion! I hate the sound of that word from the beginning. He started bringing different women only to hurt me and change to test if I would change my mind, i was not moved. He could talk shit in my presence in the public but i stood still. All i could think was how to tell my parents, that made me cry most of the time. Pressure from Joe to abort never stopped. I wanted to teach him a lesson of never to underestimate a fellow person no matter how mean he or she might seem.

The world was too small for me to live. Everybody was against me, my bosses, my workmates, my friends even the church was not a good place for me. I was on my own. Some people could come and advised me to abort but they never knew i already felt in love with my unborn child. I talked to my baby every day and promised to keep it till i see its smile. Life was too hard for me that i couldn't swallow its bitterness. I went to see a counselor, and thank God for that young man, he was in my shoes and told me what i wanted to hear and we made a plan.

I went home and meet Joe, i told him i was ready for the abortion and he couldn't believe me. I was serious and i gave him chance to choose the best place since it was not the first time for him. He chose the best clinic in town. We talked with smiles on our faces that day.
We went to the clinic the following morning, met the doctor and he asked few questions, Joe's answers were silly but that was not my business. When the doctor asked me if i was ready I excused the doctor for us (I & Joe) to have a final discussion. I asked him if he meant it, if he will never regret in his life. He said all will be fine besides it wasn't the first time for him to do that and i was not the first one to abort.

The doctor came and we went to the room. I sat on a chair as he was getting prepared for what he knows.
I asked him a question which made him to stop what he was doing and came closer to me. I asked him if he was a parent and he said yes and its then i started telling him my plans and explained everything to him. That when he told me that they don't force abortions besides its illegal. I made the plan to come with Joe to the clinic because he had few days to leave and if i could not play well he would have done something bad to me. I went out crying, Joe was happy to see me. He hugged me with a smile and thanked me. He gave a sigh of relief.

We went back home, he could not even ask how I was feeling knowing I just aborted. We never talked until he left. I managed to talk to my parents and to my surprise they accepted the fate and were by my side. They were supportive and could check on me on on a daily basis.
I never heard from Joe until i was about to give birth. He asked if i was pregnant and I said yes but nut yours, you know exactly what happened and asked him never to call again. I had complications and my baby was born 42 weeks thru c section exactly like his father.
I started small businesses to support my child, i started a distance education which I did well and applied to a certain international company and was successful. Am now financially stable, my son who z now 6 yrs goes to a good school.

I met Joe in town when i was with my son he was sorry and begged for forgiveness. He asked if we could talk. We met and he asked if he can support the child and i refuse. I told him I had all I wanted I told him how hard I prayed and how God rewarded me. He is married but follows my every step. He is calling now and then claiming he heard am getting married soon. I thought he had grew up, he even have the guts to called my fiance asking him to talk to me on this issue.

Dear readers we don't only have baby mamas baby fathers exist kkkkk.
I have shared this to save some innocent soul. Who knows someone somewhere is on crossroads take it from me be strong you are about to see the love of your life..
Some men are cowards they run their own shadows don't run with them. Don't dance to their music.
Love and hugs to all the single mothers.

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