Flashy But Delicate!

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Flashy But Delicate!

The current economy recession that Nigeria has plunged into has turned many families and relationships to be centre of discussion in many gatherings . It's bad enough that everybody's behaviours is to be psychologically questioned even in homes and offices. It now seems that nobody is reliable. Therefore, the institution called marriage or intimacy, is now becoming complicated.

There is now an unpredictable blurred dance. One minute it is on the high and the next, at an all-time low. Women don't want to marry paupers even if they can't get the ready-made guys.

The New Telegraph writer puts it this way that getting a ready-made bachelor these days is more difficult than getting a camel to pass through a needle-hole. At least in the days of the finance houses, guys had money to burn. Or have you forgotten that that was when such expressions as 'power dresser,' 'yuppies' and upwardly mobile' came into being?

Those were the good, old days when the streets were full of 26-years old green horns who became treasury managers straight after doing their NYSC year in remote farm settlements.

They drove Daewoo Espero, Hyundai Excel, Sonata and other such cars with tongue-twisting names. Then, affairs were straight from best sellers, complete with purple prose, red roses and weekend trips.

Husbands performed their God-given roles and wives did their wifely duties. That was before 'distress' and 'recession' were introduced into our business parlance.

Those were good, old days when women were allowed to be women. We had time to pamper ourselves as we spent hours at beauty parlours. Not like now when we have to work as hard, if not harder than our men to make ends meet. Things have fallen apart. The posh cars have disappeared taking along with it the generous nature of our husbands.

Caring wives have become fishwives. Tantrums and threats have become orders of the day and more homes are faced with threats of going under. If the married women are under so much stress, can you imagine the single girls' troubles? The poor folks can't even enjoy their single years.

The boyfriends don't have enough money to give their girlfriends good treats not to talk of settling down. The women are wary and worried. When would things return to normal and the days become bright again?

But before you could say revamp, resourceful Nigerian blokes came up with new tricks: advance fee fraud (419), armed robbery, Otokoto. Whatever. All that mattered was the posh cars and bright lights resurfaced. Who cares where the money came from? Now, that is today's big trouble. Too many greedy girls are falling into hellholes in their desperation to hook readymade men.

The flashy guys with murky past are back in town and it's so easy to fall for them. Fortunately, there are signs and characteristics that set apart this breed of men.

He is 32 or thereabouts, money makes up for whatever he lacks in looks with good dress sense. He drives a Prado, gleaming black. He wears designer wristwatches and shoes. In fact, his get-up carries mindblowing price tags. He has all manners of call cards. The reason is he has a chain of businesses ranging from importing condom to crocodile.

There is always a bevy of bleached girls around him. Though he is mean, rough, tough and crude, the girls stick to him because of the endless flow of cash from him. The polished look is only skin-deep, of course. He talks and drives like an Italian. Oh, his money is not inherited or from a long chain of family business.

His money is his. Don't ask me how he made so much in 30 years. His parents too are dazed at the rate at which their son achieved this success. He belongs to many societies and clubs that on the surface look like social associations. But they are cults. His is too far gone to consider leaving. His blood brothers are his lifeline.

He owes them and his life is in danger if he betrays the oath. Girls who flock around him are taking big risks and if you are involved, you need all the luck you can be wished.

This dude may offer you his kind of romance and glamour. He may spoil you with money. But remember he may also be cut down in his prime. His brains may get spilled all over your bedroom wall in the middle of the night.

His offended blood brothers may send goons after him. His cult may ask for your blood for the next sacrifice.

You may end up as accessory after murder. You are not likely to end up well. Then, what's the worth of all the glamour dollars and pounds sterling if you can be dead or widowed at age 25?

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