7 secrets to a successful relationship

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7 secrets to a successful relationship

A good relationship can also be a great place to grow. I want to challenge you to set a number of laudable goals that can take your relationship from one step to another. goals that would go a long way in improving your relationship. Here are the great numbers of goals 

1. Stay faithful If you have made a decision to get married or to be in a committed relationship , set a goal to stay committed to it. Don’t allow distractions in human clothing, come in between you and your S/O. Do everything you can to be faithful in that relationship and you will be glad you did. READ ALSO: 6 homemade remedies to solve your facial skin problems Don’t cheat and lie. If for nothing else, at least do it to prove to yourself that you can make a promise and keep it. 

2. Make time With so much to do and very little time to do it, many relationships and marriages suffer from deprivation and lack of attention. The hustle for money takes pretty much all the time we have on our hands. However, I want to challenge you to make a decision to give that relationship more of your time and attention no matter how difficult. Spend more time together, have more fun together, share more joys and laughter, watch more movies or simply sit and chat. Mind you, attention has levels, don’t just be present with your partner physically and absent emotionally. Be present physically, emotionally, psychologically and otherwise. 

3. Be supportive We all have goals and objectives in life and it would really be great if we knew that our S/O has our backs. Having the support of your partner can really go a long way in helping you achieve your dreams. if you have already been a support system all along, take it a notch higher. Find out more ways you can help him or her be more successful and do it.

4. Communicate more Communication is a sine qua non to any successful relationship. The believe that your partner has some superpowers and can, therefore, read minds is silly. No one can read minds, people will only make assumptions. So, if you feel something, say it out, let it get trashed and resolved. Bottled up emotions are explosions waiting to happen.

5. Appreciate Don’t be like those people who don’t honour the prophets that live in their towns. Be grateful for what you have to your partner. Take a moment to count the joys and the blessings your partner brings and set a goal to be more appreciative and don’t forget to communicate it to them, will make them do more. 

6. Challenge each other Not with a spear and shield to battle, but with a smile and a nudge to become better people. Challenge each other to improve the things you do, to put in more hours of practice, to put in more effort, to be more consistent, to make use of opportunities that come along. The room for improvement never gets exhausted, challenge each other to become better every day.

7. Inspire each other Before embarking on a mission to save the world, save yourselves. Be an inspiration to each other, encourage and comfort each other in the best possible way.

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