10 Wrong Reasons Why People Marry!

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10 Wrong Reasons Why People Marry!

1. Good food – Sorry, you don't need a wife to eat good food. Cooking yourself or just grabbing some fast food can be an option.

2. Solution partner – It is true that you need someone you can pour your heart to at all time. But you need to know that the other person also needs your care. If all you want is only yourself to be heard without considering the other person, then what you need is a counsellor, not a husband or wife.

3. Beauty – Never marry because someone is beautiful or handsome! Beauty fades. Simplicity is the key. However, you must be attracted to the person.

4. Money – You may have financial need but marrying someone just because he/she is rich won't sustain the marriage

5. Pressure – "I am getting old", "My friends are all married", "My family are complaining" – These and many more are the excuses some people marry! But remember that you are the one that will live with that spouse and not your parents or friends.

6. Spirituality – "He speaks in tongues", "He attend church regularly!", we know them by their fruits and not by their being religious.

7. Conversion – I will change him/her after marriage. 99% chances are that he/she will not change after marriage if they didn't change before marriage.

8. Fantasy – Some just get married because others are married and they don't want to be left out.

9. Low self-esteem – Some people feel they would not get someone to marry them, else they quickly rush in with anyone that comes their way, not knowing them to an extent.

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