Your Heart... Your Sight...The Link to Success!

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Your Heart... Your Sight...The Link to Success!
Most times, when people define breakthrough or measure how wealthy or successful you are, they ask  if you are married, you own cars, houses or companies. That can throw people into some serious thinking mood and you feel you have not achieved anything in life or you begin to think the whole world is leaving you behind.  But the truth really is, I have learnt that if you have a rich heart, positive attitude, you'd have a good life, no matter where you are found or placed. This is because it's not about how much you have but what you can achieve with whatever you have wherever you are.  How we see life determines how it's lived. For me, true breakthrough is discovering yourself, purpose and having the courage to trust God with your life to lead you to explore the wonderful opportunities He would bring your way to make you a blessing to others; young and old. That way, He uses you to do ordinary and extraordinary things in amazing ways.
I'm not interested in just temporary impacts but something lasting. Impacts that influence generations, foundations and destinies.  Of course, we all desire beautiful things of life but that's not my goal. They are called extra packages that come along the way, free bonuses, promises that come with giving your best in all you do and  trusting and obeying the Father. The interesting thing about God is, He deals with your heart and with you personally from the beginning to the end.  If you would be successful, great and will do anything meaningful in life, it starts from the heart, the state of mind.
As long as your life is a blessing  to others not just yourself, you are a success. And if you  are true to yourself, to God, and you walk and work with this mindset, whatever you have, achieve, attain or are given will have more value because they will be used purposefully and cherished. And sure, God will never leave you at a low level. He takes you to that peak that you desire after patiently letting Him take you through the necessary process, teaching you all that will sustain or keep  you there. And Deut. 28:1-2,  If you are obedient to God, He will set you on high above all nations of the earth and His blessings will come upon you and overtake you. When you know the kind of God you serve you would burst into laughter, dancing and singing. I love the singing part. lol.

Success is not about events, places, things, targets, competitions or comparisons.  Success is a mindset, an attitude,  a way of thinking, perception. It is based on how and what you see; that determines how far you can go and how innovative you can be with whatever you have; little or much. That's why you can choose to succeed  every day as you take each step each day.  With all that creativity in you, you are not limited. It just depends on  what you see and how you see. A giant, Goliath  could think of ruining others. Despite his size which should be an advantage, he could have a distorted way of reasoning, wrong goal and mindset and even lack vision, thinking of himself alone , seeking vain glory. A tiny David could rather just think of exceptional, creative,  amazing, fun ways God can be glorified through him. It's all about the sight, insight, foresight, what you see. Whether it's God empowering him or he is the one seen doing all the stunts, he returns all glory to God and sure God will keep enlarging the coast of a person with such a heart. When God blesses you, it won't be hidden, like the sun. God parades you in His glory and beauty with pride. He boasts saying "that's my child, he's doing just fine!"

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