"Walkin" in the Spirit

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"Walkin" in the Spirit

When we walk in the spirit we are not restricted by what we see. Walking in the spirit doesn't mean you do not exist or you have no flesh... it simply means you are not led by the flesh but the spirit and wisdom of God which leads you to do what's good and right. You have fun, live beautifully and purposefully. You are not limited by how you are conscious of the fact that you have the ability to achieve greatness and do exploits with the strength and power of God. Walking in the spirit doesnt mean you can't enjoy the Sun, gaze at stars in the sky at night, listen to cool music or watch a good movie. When we walk in the Spirit, we are conscious of what adds value, builds us and edifies.

Walking in the spirit doesn't make you monotonous or uncreative. In fact, the Spirit of God inspires us to be creative, imaginative, innovative, industrious, productive, giving us extraordinary ideas, dropping various options of concepts, giving insights, original, fresh from the source, from above.

When we walk with God,  we are not disadvantaged, we are helped and blessed beyond measure. With every challenge our eyes are opened to opportunities. When the world says there is no way, the creative power of God manufactures a way in such a way that makes you marvel. We have resources available and it's important that we tap into that realm and connect. All we need is believe, taking the step of faith in confidence, knowing we possess much more. You are too blessed, too graced, to just fold your arms and look, feeling low. If you've got the Spirit of God and you listen to Him, you won't fellowship with Him without a pen and a pad or jotter to sketch or write. He will always have an interesting idea or instruction for you. 

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