The Power of The Hand

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The Power of The Hand

There is power in your hands and mouth.  When a child is born, he comes out with a closed hand and cries out. All he has been destined to do is with and in his hands and mouth.  That's why you are asked to decree and it will be established.  You see palm readers check the path of life on a palm. The hands of a child of God is blessed. 

If God will save, He uses His hands, fingers. If He wants to change a life He touches a life. If the devil wants to ruin a life, he points an accusing finger. God's hands set free. The devil manipulates and puts in bondage with His hands. When God stretches His hands, He fights for His people and shields them with His hands. The finger of God does the unusual.  The hand of God releases blessing and abundance of rain. He can also rain judgement upon the wicked. 

Hands surrendered to God will do great work and exploits. An idle hand will be useful to the devil to do evil.  A hand guided by God brings life and saves. A hand controlled by the devil, destroys lives.  People use their hands and mouths for evil.  Some destroy others, destroy themselves and what they create. Don't destroy your life with your hands and mouth. Surrender your heart, hand, mouth and all of you to God for His use. The heart makes the connection.  It's the kitchen where the cooking takes place. 
Surrender yourself to God and He will do great and mighty things with and in your life.

To receive from God's hands, reflect on what you use your hands for. A hand that is evil can't receive anything good from God. Your hand is to be a blessing to mankind,  to create, to give, to have dominion. When God removes His hands from a life, the man becomes empty. Dedicate your hands and life to God. Put your hands in the hands of the Potter and He will take you where He wants you to be. When your hand is connected to God, dry lands become fruitful, ways are created where you do not expect. When God purifies you tongue, you invite what is good.

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