Ours will Work...when God's with us

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Ours will Work...when God's with us

Despite the fact that there are failing marriages everywhere, that doesn't mean our own must be that way. If we ask God first before even going into it and both partners yield to God and let Him work on them and journey with them, we will have testimonies not the fear of marriage.

There's no perfect marriage but with God we can have great choices . No matter how deep it is, God who created the institution knew what He made. That's why we can't make choices just based on how we feel or without Him.  If you go with God, no matter what may come your way God will help you both because you chose to involve Him. Marriage makes your journey easier that's God's plan. He doesn't expect us to fulfill all those vision and plans alone.

When you get God's opinion, He will give you a helper not a burden or slavedriver. For every choice we make we need God. He just makes the journey easier and safer with no regret. Marriage is about daily commitment to each other and commitment to God. I might not know much about marriage but I know a ship with God in it as their Captain never sinks unless men let the devil lead.

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