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The Listener

I admire psychologists and counsellors a lot. They have great skills and methods of helping people open up and heal. Silence is very hard.They just stay there, stare at you and listen to what you have to say. Active listening takes a lot of self discipline. Most times, humans generally enjoy talking than listening to others. One thing I'm asking God to teach me is the ability to listen more and be truly silent sometimes, especially when I'm with Him. Most times we claim to be silent before God but we have a lot running through our minds.That's why sometimes when we pray our minds stray away and come back as we remember we are still on our knees before God praying.

Sometimes, when I go through some situations, my dad, just like our spouses and friends, jumps into the motivational mode without knowing what's on my mind or what I want. And he begins to quote the scripture and tell you the good God had done in the time past.This is good but really there are times, maybe what we need is to just be heard, listened to. We just want to talk and let someone know what's on our minds like Facebook does. We just want to scream, cry or express ourselves and not feel it is bad to feel that way and not be seen as faithless or weak. That is one thing counsellors do. They give you the room to be heard.They choose not to advise immediately not because they don't have ready replies or answers but they need to understand what the person really needs.

Now, imagine what God does. Sometimes, He chooses to be silent not because He doesn't love us or have anything to say. He chooses not to act not because He doesn't have the power to. He just stays there beside you and listens as you express yourself. Even when He knows what we want, He just watches silently and listens to our hearts and finds a way to send help, to put smiles on our faces.

Enjoy God's friendship. He is willing to hear it all and grant our hearts' desires. And the beauty of it is, no one leaves God's presence and remains the same. We often have our strength renewed, hope restored and requests granted. A counsellor might help you get through and over hard times but God will walk with you and teach you more than just how to solve the problem. He creates a way for you where there's none and He is always willing to do it again and again.  God knows you are weak and He is ready to be your strength. He is an expert in doing uncommon things and He does it for free. All He needs from you is for you to trust, be committed and obey.

That's why prayer is important. God listens to all we have to say, asking helpful questions through our thoughts and gives us instructions and guides us on the next steps to take. So when it's time to pray, be excited and enjoy the dialogue with God, that's your daily session with the Great Counsellor.

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