Be the Wise Clay...

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Be the Wise Clay...

The Potter takes His time to mold our lives and it surprises the clay what it is made into. The ignorant won't yield because it thinks it's wiser than the potter. The ignorant clay forgets it's just a common clay that can either be used or crushed to nothing. It lacks the power to do anything significant on its own without the help of the Potter. Yet it kicks against his Creator blindly. Sometimes, the potter leaves the clay to mold itself if it can and let it have its way and see how far it will go.

The wise totally surrender and are amazed even while the Potter still works. The Potter always does a perfect job. He is always proud to exhibit his masterpiece for the world to see. Everything He makes always turns out beautiful.  If we give ourselves to Him, He will never leave any aspect of our lives untouched. There is a Great God. I say because I know Him and He is love. What I have seen Him do, gives me "enough" confidence to tell the world it is important to know God for yourself, remain in His will and cling to Him.

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