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Be the Change...

It is 'never' God's will for His people to remain in discomfort. Even when the Israelites were taken to Babylon, Persia, in strange lands, God raised people like Daniel, Nehemiah, and Esther to speak on behalf of the people. They honoured God with their lives and their service. They stood for the people and for the truth even when they had the opportunity to exploit others, misuse power, and get all for themselves.

The interesting thing I have noticed about Children of God that have ever been put in leadership position is, they never fought to get there. They were recommended. God laid it in the hearts of men to consider them and see the potentials God had put in them. God opened their eyes to see that they were different and had been gifted by God. The anointing and presence of God upon their lives was too strong to be ignored. That separated them from other politicans or leaders in their time. God gave them wisdom for the job in such a way that they did exceptionally well without losing their faith. Their faith drew men and nations to God.

It's God's desire that we all make heaven but it is also His desire that we all live well wherever we have been planted. Having true believers, God-fearing and intelligent people in government is not outside the will of God. Most times, God puts them there for a reason. Any government can only exist if God allows. That's why we are encouraged to pray for our leaders.

If God dint want us to make changes here on earth, He won't give us vision, purpose or dreams. We were created to please God and also use our gifts to make life better for ourselves and others around us. God often raises leaders to deliver the oppressed not oppress them. The only moments when God allowed the suffering of Israel was when they went wrong.

As Christians, it is important to preach about making heaven. Heaven is our goal. But more importantly, we should also talk about us playing our part on earth, fulfilling the reason for being here. We are not of the world but we sure live in it. Therefore, it is our responsibility to make impact wherever we are found. We can choose to fold our hands and do nothing. But it doesn't make us more righteous. Whatever we do here will actually determine where we will end. Fulfilling purpose and giving others hope, working together to rebuild a nation, in unity, mean a lot more to God.

Our abilities, strength and all, are given to us not because it just makes us feel great. All is given because God has seen a need He wants to meet in the lives of those around us. Be the change wherever you are found. Don't just see the vision, act on it. If we all contribute our little pieces of change, we will make the great impact that we all desire. Sure it pleases God when men come together for progress, peace and love.

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