woman claims her 3-year-old son does not belong to her 'lover' to take DNA test

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woman claims her 3-year-old son does not belong to her 'lover' to take DNA test

A woman has dragged her lover to court saying he is not the father of her 3-year-old child. She also accused him of drugging her the first time they met at a hotel.

A customary court in Ibadan, city of Oyo state ordered a DNA test to be conducted for a 3-year-old boy to determine who his father is.

The presiding judge, Mukiala Balogun, gave the order when the child's mother, Monsurat Adeleke, and her lover, Bayo Ogunsola, could not provide any evidence of the boy's paternity.

Balogun told the two lovers to share the cost of the DNA test and return with the results on Monday, March 27.

The woman claimed that the boy is her husband's son not her lover's son. She said she was 6 months pregnant when she met her lover. She further claimed that the man put a spell on her for 3 years.

Bayo, however, insisted that the complaint conceived and gave birth in his house after she stopped sleeping around.

Wonders shall never end!

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