Wife: I found out he married another wife

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Wife: I found out he married another wife

Tijani Babatunde has enjoined a customary court, sitting at agege area of Lagos state to dissolve his marriage to his wife, Tijani Adetola, because she was emotionally imbalance to have insulted his parents.

The Babatunde’s wife, Adetola said she is pleased to concurred to the her husband wish because of his infidelity. She further said her husband has another wife secretly..

It was said that many people have tried their best to resolve the matter several times. 

But the couple could not listen to any counsel proffered to them by the friends and relatives as the whole issue was worsen. 

The president of the court, Williams Philips, had however adjourned the matter before so as to give room for the couple to rekindle their love and go for more counselling.

New Telegraph reports that the court was told that after the couple embarked on counselling, they agreed to mend fences and give the marriage another chance.

Information reveals that  the court however got a report shortly after its adjournment that the couple had started insulting each other’s parents either.

 Babatunde said his wife abused his parents while the wife said her husband is not matured enough to head a family. 

She added that her husband cannot make or take any decision of his own without consulting others.

''He also likes seeking the interventions of his parents in every matter. This shows that he is incapable of being the head of a family.

''I finally found out that my husband had married another woman without telling me.

''Now, he wants to leave me so that he can go and live with the new love of his life.” Adetola said.

Philips said it was clear that both parties were no longer interested in the union. The president immediately dissolved the marriage.

''Babatunde and Adetola would no longer be addressed as husband and wife. 

'' the husband should to take proper responsibility of their four-year-old son.

''Babatunde must always send the sum of N5000 into the bank account of Adeola every month and to also pay the sum of N100, 000 to her account for divorcing her. 

''Failure to do so, might lead him to prison with a denial of bail,'' Philips said.

He said anyone who is not satisfied with the judgment, could appeal to the court within 30 days.

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