Widow claims husband died of 'emotional distress' after being forced to clean toilet

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Widow claims husband died of 'emotional distress' after being forced to clean toilet

A widow has launched a lawsuit against a store in Florida which she believes is responsible for her husband's death. 

Maria Elizarraras claims that her 69-year-old spouse Fernando died as a result of emotional distress after staff at the branch of Walgreens refused to let him leave until he had cleaned the shop's toilet.

Mr Elizarraras had been a regular customer at the store in Orlando, reports. On October 15, 2012, he entered the premises to use the bathroom – but when he attempted to leave, court documents allege, Walgreens staff stopped him and physically escorted him back to the bathroom. 

Employees are alleged to have told Mr Elizarraras: "You left a mess, (expletive) all over the bathroom."

Mrs Elizarraras claims at least one worker threatened her husband and forced him to clean the bathroom with a mop before he was permitted to leave.

According to the suit, the incident left him “humiliated, disgraced and injured in his feelings, emotionally and mentally".

Moreover, the suit claims the situation “resulted in the death of Fernando". It does not specify how much time passed between the incident at the store and Mr Elizarraras' death.

Maria Elizarraras is suing Walgreens for $500,000 on behalf of her husband's estate. A Walgreens representative declined to comment.

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