Why I will never be married – TV personality

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Why I will never be married – TV personality

Tv personality, Funmi Iyanda caused a stir during the week when she twitted her disinterest in marriage, saying that she never wanted to be married.

According to her, she hates the feeling of getting trapped, which marriage would do to her.

"I have never wanted to be married. I like it for others who like it for themselves. But as for me, Ms Funmi Iyanda, no thank you," she said.

The media lady later shared the back story of why she has no interest in getting married.

In a lengthy write-up she released during the week, she shared some of her childhood experiences, including how she grew up with her father after her mum took off and her father's love for his liquor.

Iyanda also talked about how she was sexually abused and how her step-mother tried to match-make her when she was younger.

Talking about her father, she says: "You see, my father is a brother who drinks which is bad enough but he is also a brother who is single, his wife having disappeared 6 years previously. Who knows if it was his drinking that disappeared her or so, l hear them say."

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