Problem arises in marriage as wife slashes husband's manhood

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Problem arises in marriage as wife slashes husband's manhood

Commotion has happened in a family after a wife hacked at her husband's penis with a sugar cane cleaver because he said he was too tired to make love to her.

It was said that the suspected wife knew that her 46-year-old husband identified as Liu spent long hours working as a taxi driver and often felt tired when he got home.

The wife Zhang, 54, was reported to have been frustrated, claims his declining sex drive is the result of several extramarital affairs.

According to Liu, his wife demanded sex from him and gave him an ultimatum, threatening his penis if he refused her again.

She said, "If you don't satisfy me tonight, you're a dead man.

"But I hadn't been sleeping well for a few days. Where was I supposed to find the energy?,"

It was gathered that after he refused again her again, Zhang picked up a cleaver used to slice sugar cane and swung it between her spouse's legs, nearly splitting his penis in two.

News Breaking Newspaper reports that Liu suffered a 1.57-inch by 0.39-inch gash to the left side of his manhood, and he claims a large amount of blood spewed out afterwards.

He said he had to call on the Police himself because his wife allegedly "sat there and did nothing."

He added that his wife refused to foot his hospital bills and has not visited him once.

What is your take on this matter, would you continually to marry such a woman after recovering the injury?

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