A photo of police officers kissing in the bush lights up the internet

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A photo of police officers kissing in the bush lights up the internet

Whenever cops get photographed or videotaped, most times it is to bust them in corruption schemes, like demanding for bribes from motorists.

On other occasions, it is to record them harassing and manhandling civilians when they are unable to intimidate them into submission for one reason or the other. So you can imagine the delight when they came across this picture of two cops getting intimate with kisses in the bush while they were supposed to be on duty.

Some of the comments ranged from "nature calls, sleeping on duty, breathalyzer test 1-2-3, nice time at work, mapenzi yanarun dunia, if kissing landed them in trouble I wonder what would have been done if caught in action" and so forth.

Most laughed, some expressed shock, few joked about the duty these two were on and others just smiled in surprise...

This is not the first time these two Tanzanian love birds have gone viral because, in October 2014, three people were sacked because of this photo.

The two kissing birds; Asumba Mwasumbi and Veroncia Mdeme were fired for misconduct in the course of duty, and Fadhiri Linga for taking the photo.

Well, should police officers be allowed to express their affection in public?

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