Lady shoots boyfriend for attempting to break up

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Lady shoots boyfriend for attempting to break up

A 27-year-old lady Martina Westcott as has been arrested for allegedly shooting her boyfriend identified as Bruce who attempted to break up his relationship with the lady.

According to the police, the Westcott allegedly gunned down her boyfriend identified as Bruce in the head on Tuesday, December 27th, as the two drove through a Northwest Philadelphia neighborhood after he told her the relationship was over.

It was reported that Bruce immediately lost control of the car he was driving and crashed into another car before it flipped onto its side.

Westcott allegedly fled the scene of the accident, to her mother's house. Her mother then convinced her to turn herself into the police.

She was then charged with the murder of her boyfriend.

A small caliber handgun was found near the scene of the crash by crime scene investigators on Wednesday, December 28th.

Meanwhile, looking at the matter from the psychologist angle, It was said that the lady was tired with the relationship when she allegedly killed her boyfriend.

Information reveals that there is no genuine love as many relationships have failed and many homes have broken.

Is true that there is no genuine love again? If you have an answer, let's hear from you.

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