How I Lost N750,000 to MMM Crash – Man Who Drank Insecticide Finally Opens Up

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How I Lost N750,000 to MMM Crash – Man Who Drank Insecticide Finally Opens Up

A young man identified as Adakole, who had fixed his wedding date drank insecticide over the "crash" of ponzi scheme popularly known as MMM.

Adakole has later opened up his ordeal over the development of the MMM.

It will be recalled that reports went viral recently that Adakole, a native of Ai Okpe in Okpokwu LGA of Benue State whose wedding was slated for December 28 had invested N300 thousand into the scheme on November, expecting to get his 30 per cent income before his wedding.

Kole, as he is fondly called, attempted to take his life in Otukpo, Benue state by drinking insecticide, following the news that the ponzi scheme had crashed.

Speaking about his ordeal on a radio program, Weathering the Storm with Naomi De Diva on 92.1 Vision FM Abuja and monitored by Daily Post on Tuesday, the young man said contrary to the report, he invested N750,000 in the scheme against the N350,000 that was widely reported.

Adakole, who opened up on his predicament during the phone-in program admitted that he had earlier made profits from the scheme.

He said amid sobs, "I came to Abuja here a few months back in preparation for my wedding and my friend introduced me to the MMM thing. He told me about the benefit involved, though I was a bit hesitant about it but he succeeded in convincing me to register under him.

"To be honest, I initially invested 20k into the scheme and I got 30 percent the following month. The following month, I rendered help of N50k and I still got 30 percent commission and my full investment back.

"This time, I believed it was real and I decided to increase the money. Before then, my fiancée had warned me against it. So I went to my cooperative to obtain a loan and they gladly gave thinking it was for my wedding. I put in N750k last month, hopping than it would yield 30 per cent income this month only to wake up one morning to discover that my account has been suspended.

"To be sincere, the best option I had then was to take my life, because I had thought of how I am going to face my woman. I didn't even know when I took the insecticide. It was my guy, Fred who rescued me. My wedding is around the corner, I have been saving the money ahead of the wedding only to end up that way.

"As we speak, I have not set my eyes on my woman. I put off my phone since then because the shame is much. My wedding is 8 days from now and I am confused. I just returned from the hospital. I don't know what to do."

Meanwhile, many callers, who phoned in during the program scolded the young man for attempting to take his life because of money.

Others advised him to get a loan from a bank for the wedding, while some asked him to put his wedding on hold until January when the scheme might have returned.

Chuks (not verified)
A lot had been said about

<p>A lot had been said about MMM, &nbsp;I think the young man dont need to take his life because those users of the have said repeatedly that the suspension is temporary and as result if he had died and the scheme didn&#39;t collapse he would have died for nothing</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

thanks Chuks for your comment

Die for nothing obviously. the programme is back running now. Though slowly garnering momentum at least they started paying people back. The problem with us Nigerians is greed. It is there written bodly on the website use only your spare money. Not to go and borrow money in the bank or friends and families. I mean something small that people can exchange amongst themselves. But people went and go as far as borrowing money in tune of million of naira to push into the programme.THanks for your comments once again Chuks.

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