Five problems teenagers face

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Five problems teenagers face

We live in a very competitive world today. We have so many challenges to face. This piece will help you to understand the lives and the concerns of teenagers. This will also give you a chance to understand the problems of your teenage children better and be more sensitive to their needs and problems. Parenting today has become a huge challenge.

Most parents of the teenage children will tell you that they do not understand their teens. So, in this write-up, we will be enlightening the public and parents on ten most important problems which teenage children are facing.

Here are some of the top five problems teenagers face

1. Drugs: This is a common problem that most of the teens face today. They could be addicted to drugs due to a number of reasons. Mostly it is due to peer pressure. If the parents don’t have time for these kids then the problem only becomes more serious. So do not blame your child if you catch him or her taking drugs. Give them the help and the support they need. It is also equally important that you explain to them how drugs can be dangerous and must be avoided.

2. Study pressure: Teenagers today are under a lot of study pressure and various degree of stress from both their teachers and parents. They have to get good grades so that they get into a good college. You must talk to the child and see the problems that they are facing. Many teenagers under pressure tend to cheat and if caught they have to face very bad consequences. This can make the kids rebellious and also less disciplined. The parents must understand that not all children can get the best grades. They must be more understanding to the kids and their ability. You must allow the child to bring out the best in him/her and not get pressurized to perform.

3. The pressure in a relationship: Many teenagers today are in relationships. This may also include physical involvement with a person. When teenagers are involved in unsafe sex it can lead to pregnancy and also other sexually transmitted diseases. You must be very strong as a parent when you need to deal with a situation like this. You must never blame the child or hit him or her. You must explain to them the pros and cons of a relationship and how they must deal with it. As a parent, it may be more difficult if you do not share a very friendly relationship with the child. Some teenagers who are heart broken in love can get really depressed and even try to commit suicide. These cases are on the rise and we must advise the parents to be very careful to deal with a situation like this.

4. Constant need to look good: Many teenagers today suffer from body image problem. They spend a huge sum of money on clothes and the way they are looking but at the end of it, they are never satisfied. Not all the teenagers can look gorgeous as a result the others who do not have a great figure and looks start to feel emotional pains, depressed and become withdrawn from friends. They don’t make friends and like to stay at home as they are too fat and not attractive enough to get a date. Some also blame their parents for the dark skin or for not taking care of their diet as children. You may feel really upset to see this form of your child and also feel very dejected. However, you must understand that the child is frustrated and needs your help. If the child is very emotional troubled never leave him/her alone. Just listen to all that he/she has to say till he/she calms down. Leaving them alone can be a big mistake.

5. Constant pressure to excel in all aspects of life: As a teenager, everyone wants to be the best in all the activities so that the other kids in school admire them and look up to them. However, there are a lot of problems that come with this will to be the best. Many children stress themselves much more they can or they should. They spend hours studying or working too hard. As a result, they may become restless and also fall sick. The parents must take good care of the child and see what exactly the child is doing. Parents must tell the kids to relax along with all the hard work that they are putting in. This is one reason why many students get stress attacks and also may suffer from high pressure at times which can to various emotional pains. It has become common to find stress-related health problems in the teenagers. The parents are also equally responsible for this plight of the students as they put undue pressure on the children to perform which is not good for them.

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