Beating, Provocation End Nine-Year-Old Marriage In Ekiti

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Beating, Provocation End Nine-Year-Old Marriage In Ekiti

Yemi Lawrence and her husband have ended their nine-year-old marriage between in a beating and provocation memorial.

The marriage has been reportedly broken down when the wife was said to have got tired of every time molestation.

It was learned that the victims of the divorce had three male children as the fruits of the marriage.

 The authority that got involved in the matter pleaded with the husband, Lawrence to pay a sum of N5,000 as monthly upkeep allowance on each of the children and be responsible for their education at all levels.

She said her husband failed to provide money for the feeding of their children and whenever she asked him for money, he would beat her up.

The mother of three, tendered the pictures of the injuries she sustained as a result of the incessant beatings.

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