Ahead of divorce from British wife, actor Fabiyi celebrates 4th wedding anniversary

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Ahead of divorce from British wife, actor Fabiyi celebrates 4th wedding anniversary

Popular Yoruba actor cum producer, Yomi Fabiyi, has celebrated his fourth wedding anniversary ahead of his divorce from his British wife.

Fabiyi, who married a British, Fran, at a low-key celebration in Lagos shared the news with his Instagram followers.

He wrote, "Happy 4TH Wedding Anniversary to us. Just as they say, you are innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. We are not divorced yet and she is still my good friend and wife until divorce starts and finalised, so gat right to celebrate that day that brought us joy then. Fran asked me four years then, why the Green White Green and I said I AM A PROUD NIGERIAN and I love my country. I was passing a message. Be good ok. Happy 4years Anniversary to us."

The actor made history in November when he became the first Nigerian actor to share his decision to divorce his wife on Instagram.

Justifying the decision at the time, Fabiyi, said he felt bad that many have dubbed him a gold digger.

But speaking with The Punch, Fran, who reportedly sounded unhappy about the divorce, said she was very sure her husband did not marry her because of a green card.

She was reported as saying, "I am still in love with my husband but we cannot keep living this way. I wish there was another way we could go about it but there is none. It is true that I agreed to relocate to Nigeria after marriage but plans changed and I cannot relocate from England.

"I understand that my husband cannot also move to England but we cannot keep living like this for the rest of our lives. I am very sure that he married me because he loved me and not for any green card. If he wanted a green card, he could have married a British-Nigerian or any other race."

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