66-year-old herbalist divorces with 48 wives, vows not remarry (photos)

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66-year-old herbalist divorces with 48 wives, vows not remarry (photos)

A 66-year-old herbalist identified as, Simon Odo Okoro popularly known as Onuwa, has divorced his 48 wives, as he vows never to marry again.

However, Onuwa, who calls himself King of 'Satan' broke his vow not marry again by quickly remarrying one of the youngest of his divorced wives, an 18 year old Chidinma. He explained that the girl lured him to marrying her.

Onuwa said: "The girl who lured me to marry her returned from the United States. She told me to marry her so that she would take care of me as an old man.

She is from Enugu State. However, a month after the marriage was consummated, she told me to sack the youngest one, Chidinma and I became furious with her because that was not why I married her. I beat her and she left."

Vanguard disclosed that, on the allegation that some of his children (whose names were not disclosed) not only slept with some of his wives but planned to kill him, he said that he would disown any of his sons involved in criminal activities.

However, Odo spoke in an interview with the South East Voice at his palatial home at Aji, Enugu Ezike in Igboeze North Local Government Area of Enugu state.

 Onuwa who was armed with an Onward note book where names of his wives and over 200 children were listed according to their dates of birth said that his first son, Emeka was born on December 15, 1969.

He added saying: "I was born in 1947 on the day they had an eclipse of the sun and the moon. There was darkness in the afternoon on the day I was born."

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