30-year-old man pays best friend 120K monthly salary to impregnate his wife

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30-year-old man pays best friend 120K monthly salary to impregnate his wife

Darius Makambak, 30, paid his best friend, Evans Mastano, 32, KSh 40,000 (N121,760) a month to sire a child with his wife, Precious, 28, because he is sterile.

However, the arrangement went south after ten months when no news of pregnancy was given.

Makambak, a member of the Tanzanian Police Force-Traffic department reported Mastano and the case was brought before a court.

Turns out, Mastano, a married man with two beautiful daughters, was also sterile but readily took up the job with Precious.

10 months and no pregnancy, it was time for some difficult answers.

Dar-es-Salaam Today reported on Saturday, February 25, that Mastano and Precious went at it a total of 75 times and failed to conceive a child.

For this mission, Precious took a three months leave from March to June 2016 to try and conceive her first child for her husband.

Things went awry when Makambak discovered his friend is sterile after insisting he undergo a medical checkup.

Mastano's wife ended up confessing that he was not the father of their two daughters as they belonged to his cousin

The case was brought before a court but the paid man refused to return the money as he promised no guarantee but honest effort in getting the job done.

She claimed she had been secretly forced to conceive with the cousin after realizing her husband could not do the job after two years.

Makambak now wants his money back but Mastano insists he did not guarantee conception, only that he would give honest effort.

Na wa oo!

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