Depressed Father: 'Our father burnt our stomachs with red hot knife for allegedly stealing fish'

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Depressed Father: 'Our father burnt our stomachs with red hot knife for allegedly stealing fish'

The action of a father who recently metted out two of his children in Ondo state has called for a serious attention while many people attributed his action to depression of the economic recession in the land.
It was gathered that the economic recession has hit many homes or share wickedness, and which the father stick a hot red knife on the stomach of two of his children over allegation of thievery.

Kasali the father of the two children is believed to been married thrice but reports have it that none of his wives stayed with him for more than three years before they are sent packing with their children.
Vanguard reports that Kasali left home that fateful day for work only to return to discover that the fish in the pot had been consumed without any consideration for the bread winner of the house.
It was learnt that one of the children helped himself with half of the only fish in the pot and when their step mother returned from where she used to sell herbs in one of the motor parks in Owo also ate the remaining half.
 But when the father returned much later and his food was served without any fish, hell was let loose. The step mother who reports had it was not comfortable with the continued stay of the two children in the house heaped the blame on them accusing them before their father that they had stolen the only fish reserved for him.
The mother of the two children who reside in Ila Orangun, Osun state after his divorce with the suspect has relocated to Akure to take care of them after the ill treatment by their father.


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