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Your Guide to Anxiety Free Pregnancy


Step one of your being pregnant, after seeing the little positive stick is to have it confirmed by a medical practitioner. Immediately put a call through and don’t delay to have a pregnancy test carried out at the nearest medical centre, you may be fortunate to get an appointment that same day or at best within the week. Patience becomes your best friend all through this time and don't pent yourself up with negative emotions. Waiting can turn out to be disturbing –but don’t open door for anxiety and worries. You will be guided here on how to carry your pregnancy without the unnecessary load of anxiety and emotional stress.
Set up an appointment and consult your OB/GYN or midwife as quickly as possible, chances are you will be meeting his/her nurse before you even meet them. In case you are confirmed pregnant, congratulations! This is the first appointment where your doctor/midwife will need to understand all of your past medical records.  What kind of illnesses run in your own family, etc. If you could, try making sure you already know all of these ahead of time, perhaps have it all written down on paper so when he/she asks you're prepared. In the course of the days or weeks leading up to this consultation you may have you may have concerns or worries, write them down and be prepared to hold your doctor in confidence. Believe it or not medical doctors are there to help you, and they have been asked every question you can possibly think of. Before leaving, your physician may even come up with a bag full of goodies about being pregnant. Study them, they will prove useful. Your physician will either give you another appointment or have you set one up before leaving. 

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There are lots of awesome books available if you are anxious or worried about what is going to happen next or how delivery is going to be, take time to check a nearby book store.

Make sure that you get your prenatal vitamins they are very essential at some stage in your pregnancy. If for some reason you can’t take them, speak with your physician he/she may be able to prescribe a lower dosage or something else. You’ll get your first ultrasound, also known as US around week 20, this is normally when you discover what sex the baby is. However some medical doctors like to play safe and give you an ultrasound around 10-12 weeks just to make sure the child is inside the right location and everything is going on well. You’ll wait around for a few hours, at which point your blood gets drawn and you can go home. The test determines if you have a danger of having gestational diabetes. 

At first your appointments might be about four weeks apart till you hit the thirty-six week and at that point it’ll be two weeks later and a week later after that until the baby is born. By now you ought to be getting ready to have the baby. Yes, you may have some emotionally disturbing situation towards the end of your pregnancy, and that is normal. You have come this far, it’s time take delivery of your reward.

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